Where You Want Me

by Have You Heard

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letzgetzesty Catchy, radio friendly pop rock. Favorite track: Our Ghost.
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released August 3, 2010



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Have You Heard Nashville

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Track Name: Our Ghost
Week one without you is going smooth
Then I see all the things you missed
When you were packing up with your best friend
Like a half smoked pack of cigarettes and that yellow sundress that I loved best
I have tricked myself into believing that you are coming back
Things will get easier
Because in week two I start to feel again
Week three is looking up with the help of friends
By the end of week four, all I had crumbled when you walked through that door

Please take me home cause I just want to be alone
Away from where you go
I always seem to see you when you’re with your friends
Or hanging out with him
I wish that our ghost would leave me the hell alone

I am finding myself
But it’s not in the arms of someone else
I’ve heard that you’ve been busy since you left
I never thought you would stoop so low
All I had crumbled when you walked through that door
I don’t know if I’ve told you but thanks for all of this
The moments that we had will be something that I miss
But this has thrown me in a new direction
And I am ready for it
Track Name: Who I Was Before
I miss the smell of the ocean
I miss the sand beneath my skin
I miss waking up to you and the taste of a morning kiss
This town can feel so lonely and sometimes I feel like I should give in
But I’m never gonna stop, never gonna quit
Never gonna lose, always gonna win

Tell me where to go and just tell me when
Baby, I’ll jump right in my car and I’ll chase the wind
Maybe you’re everything I need, everything I want
I’m saved from who I was before

I’ll hold onto this moment
Cause everything’s starting to make sense
It seems good things come those who wait
And all the broken pieces are falling into place
And oh no we won’t let go, no we’re never gonna stop no, never gonna let go
Never gonna stop, never gonna quit
Never gonna lose, always gonna win

I’m never gonna stop, I’m never gonna quit
We’ll pick the pieces up and put them back right where they fit
This is our time now, there is no stopping, we don’t know how
Never gonna stop, never gonna quit
Never gonna lose, always gonna win
Track Name: How Things Go
I’ve been far from perfect lately
Feeling like there is nothing that will save me
Then I see the truth, its clear ive been confused
I’ve been trying to say all the right things
Trying to make sure I do things the right way
Just to please you, I’ve been ignoring the truth

But I know that I wont let go
To every little thing that I think I know
Because I’ve been told this is it
Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll
Its all in the look cause that’s how these things go
When this should be something your heart bleeds for
(I will give all I have until I have nothing more)

Turn off the television and the stereo
Grab a pencil and paper and just be alone
So I can say the things I’ve wanted to say
But its hard to escape the demons I face
They sometimes bring me to a terrible place
I wish they’d go away

This is the part where you say, “it’s okay!”
That everyone sometimes feels the same way
Track Name: Where You Want Me
I am so past falling
I think I dove right into love and it’s messed me up
But that’s okay cause you’re everything I wanted
She is like a dream, one that keeps me guessing
I don’t know when to speak up or just shut up
But when our lips touch

I keep on thinking
What are we thinking?
What are we thinking?

I know that you have been here before
I need to keep my feet on the floor
To keep my head from spinning in circles
I need to keep my feet on the floor

This is where we stand now
Hand in hand we walk now
I have given you my heart and it’s just the start
Cause you’re everything I wanted
Tell me that you love me
Please don’t keep me guessing
Don’t think I could handle it
Cause you’re my fix and everything I’ve wanted

You’ve got me spinning round and round
Don’t think my feet will ever touch the ground
You’ve got me spinning faster now
Cause you’re everything I wanted
Track Name: Never Gonna Let You Go
I remember when time stood still
On that sleepless night when we talked till sunrise
I could feel that I was falling in love
I knew this was something I’d never forget
So I sealed it with a kiss and held onto your hips
And you told me you were falling in love

The days and months fly by
And I’m still by your side and it feels like the first time
I need you to know that I’m never gonna let you go

I don’t wanna leave a word unsaid
I don’t wanna sleep when you’re not here
I don’t ever wanna feel like I am far from you
I’m far from you

I’m sorry for things that I’ve done
When I swear that I’ll call
But end up doing something else
I make you wait for far too long
I know I’ve pushed you to the edge
With all the fear and the stress
But you keep on coming back
And giving me a second chance